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Auto Gates


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Auto Sliding Gate Singapore:

What is an auto sliding gate?

An auto sliding gate is a motorized gate that uses tracks in the ground for the wheels to move on. It is commonly used in private houses but can also be used elsewhere.

Auto Swing Gate Singapore:

What is an auto swing gate?

An auto swing gate is similar to the sliding gate, the only difference is that it is usually made up of a pair of gates that either swing inwards or outwards.

Both auto sliding gates and auto swing gates are triggered with a remote control or a control panel.

Benefits of an Auto Gate:

Have you ever had to go through the trouble of coming home, and going through the hassle of getting out of your car, unlocking it, opening the gate, going back into your car and driving in, and having to close the gate again after?

An automatic gate or auto gate helps you to cut out this unnecessary step of wasted time and energy. And adds a whole lot of convenience to your life.

This is one major benefit of having an automatic gate.

What you should look out for when buying Auto Gate

When choosing a Sliding auto gate or Auto swing gate, one factor would be to ensure that there is sufficient space at the entrance, as well as a flat surface for the gates to open freely without any obstruction.

Some other factors to consider includes the weight of the gate. This is important as it will determine which type of motorized operator to be used.

Should you get an automatic swing gate? Or an automatic sliding gate?

Do check the neighborhood you are in. Does your driveway have sufficient area for a swing gate? Will it potentially block on-coming traffic when swinging open?

To ensure the safety of not just your family, but also the children and pets around the neighborhood, this could be one considering factor.

Perhaps the most important factor on one’s mind, would be how safe is a sliding auto gate or swing auto gate.

Why DeGrille?

At Degrille, we focus highly solely on quality work and workmanship at affordable prices.

We ensure optimal performance to your Auto Gate by ensuring the structure of the gate itself is constructed with highly durable materials,

Our Sliding auto gate and Auto swing gate are not only made with the highest quality materials, perhaps a major factor in considering is also the aesthetic lookout of it.

Our team of installers are also highly experienced and certified to ensure nothing goes wrong upon the installation of your brand-new auto gate.

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