Don’t let UV rays destroy your furniture!

Most of us know the harms that UV rays cause on our skin and we take measures to shield ourselves such as applying sunblock, wearing a hat and limiting sun exposure.

But as you’re protecting yourself, have you been neglecting the furniture in your home or office?

Continue reading to know how UV rays can destroy your furniture!

How does it affect fabric and textiles?

The sight of natural light streaming into your home or office is a calming sight. It can also have your interior look more spacious while highlighting any decoration available. However, too much sunlight can cause discolouration in furniture, causing bright colours to fade. It can be especially damaging to items made of dyed fabric or textiles.

This is due to chromophores, which are what give those dyes colour, being broken down by UV rays, causing them to have a faded or bleached appearance.

However, there’s no need to invest in blackout curtains or move the furniture to a dark room. At DeGrille, our solar films for home or offices are specially designed for tropical countries, such as Singapore, and can block out 99% of UV rays!

How does it affect wood?

A huge favourite of many homeowners is wooden furniture. Famed for being durable and strong, they can even be passed down from one generation to another while still being in good shape! When placed strategically, they can create an intimate and cosy space that brings the words “Home sweet home” to life.

In the sunlight, their beauty can be further emphasised, and you may want to display them on the balcony or in a space where their exposure to light is maximised. This can unfortunately lead to them being permanently damaged, as the heat radiation and UV rays will cause their appearance to be faded or darkened.

Glass windows alone are not an effective form of protection against sun damage as they may only filter up to 30% of harmful rays. Our solar films not only block out UV rays but also keep the heat out! This will ensure that your wooden furniture is kept safe as well as retain their appearance for years to come.

Will our solar films affect the aesthetics of your home or office?

Our solar films are designed with aesthetics in mind, as well as effectiveness. No matter the interior of your home and office, or the decorations that are present in an area, there will be no changes that need to be made.

With a modern and sleek look, they’re perfect for complimenting and blending into the aesthetics of your space. Additionally, there’s absolutely no subcontracting in DeGrille, from manufacturing to installation, every single step of the process is done in-house. This is to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, our solar films block out heat, potentially reducing the usage of air conditioners in the area along with creating a cooler environment to live or work in.

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