What is invisible grille and what does it do?

Invisible grille are thin metal cables installed at balconies or windows, or any areas, to construct a barrier, allowing a barrier of safety to prevent one from falling out a window or any high areas, while still being thin enough to allow unobstructed views. This is especially useful in providing and ensuring safety of children and pets from jumping over or falling out from windows. Depending on your needs you can get either a fixed invisible grille or other kinds that allows some variations.

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invisible grille


What to look out for when choosing which invisible grilles

When choosing which invisible grille Singapore companies to purchase from, it is recommended that they meet most if not all the specification to satisfy your requirements, ensure that the invisible grille you are buying is stainless steel specifically steel, so it would not rust at all when faced with rain or direct exposure to sunlight.

Also, ensure that the Invisible Grille Singapore Company, is certified by SETSCO. We are pleased to say that Degrille is a Certified invisible grilles Singapore company.

Be sure to choose whether or not you want an adjustable grille or a non-adjustable ( fixed Invisible Grille). If you select the adjustable, there are different options for you to pick, example BiFold. which allows it to be folded. Casement invisible grille like most of your windows it can be opened or close whenever you wish, and Sliding Invisible Grille like its name says allows you to slide open or close it.
All these allows easy access to whatever you need to do outside the window.


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Do ensure that the invisible grille Singapore company provides invisible grille that are durable, with the highest grade of metal cables. DeGrille only uses the finest quality possible to ensure long lasting. Even if the invisible grille is used for protection and safety it can also be used for design for your house since they are nearly invisible to our eyes its good to have vegetation on it to allow it to show the beautiful design.


Why use DeGrille?

We at DeGrille are a certified invisible grille Singapore company and you may be wondering why choose us over the other invisible grille Singapore companies.

We are proud to say that we only use high quality materials, allowing the highest amount of durability for all our invisible grille. Ensuring safety for you and your family. Together with beautiful designs, we also provide affordable pricing.

Our installation crew is highly experienced and very well trained, and also certified with years of training under their belt to ensure the money you spent will exceed your expectations.

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