Auto Gate Singapore:

What is an auto gate? An auto gate is a gate that is electric powered which can be opened or closed via a mechanism such as sliding gate or a swing gate.

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Benefits of an Auto Gate

There are a lot of advantages when it comes to automatic gate examples are, increased in security when the gate you are using is automated any burglar will have a hard time breaking into your house, whether or not your gate is sensors, circuits, remote controllers the convenience of not having to leave your car to open or close the gate especially when there is a bad weather you can just stay in your car and open or close it with a press of a button.

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What should you look out for when buying Auto Gate

When Installing an automatic gate please be on a look out for these requirements, make sure the surface for the gate is flat so it can open/slide freely without any problems, check the neighbourhood whether or not there is a lot of children to ensure that we install safety measures to ensure everyone’s safety, and ensure the gate you are currently using is designed for automatic operation and not manual only or else you have to construct a new gate which will cost you more, be sure you have the space to install the operator without it being blocked by any obstructions, ensure the amount of power is available when installed to ensure it works without any problems when installing ensure you kept track of the temperature and weather of your locations so we can have extra precautions when we are installing your auto gate, check the weight of your gate so we could prepare the appropriate operator to ensure the gate will open without any problems.

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Why DeGrille.

Why choose us? Because when you buy from us we ensure you that you will receive high quality and durable automatic gate at affordable price for our customers and a modern and beautiful design that makes your house a better looking place with a 5 year warranty to come along with it and do not worry about poor installations our installers are experienced and certified installers to ensure nothing goes wrong when installing the auto gate for you.

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