Why should you choose SmartShade over other track-guided blinds?

Track-guided blinds boast a clean, sleek appearance that will elevate the look of your home. It also protects your space from the elements, and insects while improving privacy. However, before you jump onto the bandwagon and bring home the first brand of blinds you see, read this article to know why you only need to choose SmartShade to turn your house into a home!



Don’t wake up to destroyed blinds!

When selecting a track-guided blind, you will find yourself dizzy with choices as the market is filled with different brands. Most of them promise protection against the elements while claiming to be durable, but do you want to wake up seeing them destroyed on the ground?


As conventional track-guided blinds usually use plastic covers, they could easily fall off when exposed to strong winds or impact. SmartShade, on the other hand, uses only premium aluminium covers which are far sturdier and excel in durability.



Truly protect yourself from rain and shine!

How many brands have promised to protect you from the elements but end up failing?


Imagine relaxing at home while hearing the rain bounce off the blinds, as you’re about to nod off, you feel a sudden cold as your clothes get soaked! Your blinds have come apart and given you a rude awakening.


This can be a nightmare brought to life if you stick with conventional track-guided blinds! As plastic tracks are usually used in them, the blinds are more prone to “escaping” when exposed to strong winds or intense rain.


Our SmartShade has not only quality metallic blind tracks that keep the blinds in place when faced with harsh weather but is also equipped with high-quality grooves to provide better grip.

smart shade 2

Keep your home aesthetic!

As guests marvel over the interior of your home, don’t let crumpled blinds be an eyesore! The SmartShade does away with fixed motors, which are common in conventional blinds, and uses an “auto balance” sliding roller instead.


You may be familiar with blinds wrinkling over time no matter how carefully you handle them. With SmartShade, this will no longer be a problem as our rollers slide backwards so the blinds can be rolled up without pushing against the cover.


It also has a bottom rail that’s sleek and thin, subtle enough to blend into your home’s design and decorations. This ensures that you do not have to alter anything in the space where the SmartShade will be installed.



Get your SmartShade today!

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If you want to have a look at videos of our SmartShade in action, along with examples of how other homeowners have used it, simply click on this link!