Awning & Lourve


Awning are a type of roof that stretches over a place to provide shade and protection from rain and wind. Awning are commonly installed over the windows and entrances of homes in order to maximise the amount of useable space within the homes. When it comes to the material used for your awning, Degrille gives you the option of selecting a fire-rated aluminium composite panel, polycarbonate, or laminated glass. In addition, we provide a 1 year warranty. Giving you a sense of security that your family is safe all while maintaining the aesthetics of your home.


DeGrille’s louvre screens are designed to provide you with utmost privacy whenever you want, anytime you want. Enjoy solitude without compromising on maximum ventilation.

Louvres are horizontal blades, slats, laths, glass, wood, or other materials arranged in a grid to control airflow or light penetration. Louvers are often used in windows and doors to allow ventilation in while keeping sunshine and moisture out. They can be either mobile or stationary. Something that is extremely important given Singapore’s scorching temperature.

Why should you choose the right installation service for your awning and louvre?

A poorly done installation and workmanship will surely cause you more problems down the road, and you may even have to spend more money to tear it down and have them redone.


But if you choose us, you can be guaranteed to smile from ear to ear every time you lay eyes on our workmanship, as we have experienced installers, salesmen, and staff on hand to assist you in your needs, along with using materials that are only of the best quality.


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What are the benefits of choosing DeGrille?

For your awning

You have a wide variety of choices for the materials used, as we give you the option of selecting either:

  • fire-rated aluminum composite panel
  • Polycarbonate
  • laminated glass


We provide a 1-year warranty for the awning, as well as, experienced installation services by our staff members with more than 8 years in the field. If you’re unsure of what to get, our salesperson will also be of great help, they are trained to not hard sell, and only close deals which are beneficial to you.


For your louvre

Our louvre screens are designed to provide you with the utmost privacy whenever you want, anytime you want. This is so you can enjoy solitude without compromising on ventilation.


Be it for your home or office, we can work with you to provide what is needed and have experience working in both environments to assure satisfaction. Our installers and salesperson have more than 8 years of professional experience, guaranteeing a pleasant experience for you.


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