Carpet Grass


Experience the aesthetics and feel of natural grass without the commitment.

DeGrille’s high-quality artificial and carpet grass is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and practical.

Enjoy the uniform, vivid green hue of artificial grass and carpet grass. Pleasant to the touch with a natural V shape that resembles natural grass.


High Quality
Our carpet grass is designed to be more resistant to natural wear and tear. Carpet grass requires relatively little care due to the high grade materials employed. It is highly resistant to weather and retains its features throughout time.

Low Maintenance
It is more practical since it requires less upkeep. Unlike natural grass, carpet grass does not require watering, fertilisation, or mowing. Less time spent on lawn maintenance equals more time to enjoy your landscape.

Long Lasting
It is extremely durable, with a life expectancy of roughly 15 years under normal conditions.

Safer Option
It has also been examined for quality and safety requirements, as well as any health hazards. Such as toxic compounds in its components and abrasions from skin contact.

Pet and Child Friendly
Our carpet grass is pet friendly as it cannot be dug up and ruined by pets like actual grass It is sanitary, unaffected by urine, and easy to clean. Furthermore, dogs and cats like playing on it just as much as actual grass. Animal waste may be readily removed off the grass using a little detergent and water. Carpet grass is also child-friendly. It is mess-free, soft and cushioned, and safer because it does not require chemicals or pesticides. This makes it ideal for children.


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