Metal / Stainless steel working


The process of moulding and shaping metal to make usable tools, objects, equipment components, and buildings is known as metal / stainless steel work. DeGrille is a high-quality manufacturer of customised metal works and other metal products. Our knowledgeable and professional specialists have propelled us to the forefront of all customized metal fabrication services in Singapore.

If you need personalised metal / stainless steel work, whether for a roof, security structures, or merely to hold up your invisible grilles, we’re the right fit for you. Our team is able to construct a tailored structure for you that is not only elegant and appealing, but also functional, thanks to our extensive fabrication knowledge.

DeGrille thrives on offering the greatest service to all of our customers. Our experienced and competent metal designers will work with you to make your vision a reality.


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