The invisible grille is a new form of window grille that is designed to replace traditional aluminium grilles. Keeping children and pets safe.

The invisible grille gives the same level of security as a standard grille while looking more sleek and modern without giving the impression of being caged in. Safety without compromising your view/scenery.

Invisible grille is made up of marine grade 316 stainless steel cable with its own unique aluminium profile.

All of the materials used are rust resistant, and we offer a 5-year warranty against rust and craftsmanship.

Our cables have been tested and can sustain a maximum tensile force of 200kg before snapping.

No. To protect users from cuts, our cable is protected with a layer of membrane. In addition, we provide three different types of coating to meet your specific requirements. The cable is made of Nylon, Teflon, and Nano coated cable.

We charge by square foot and offer free on-site measurements to provide you with an accurate quotation.


Auto gate is the main gate used by landed home and opening and closing of gate are all automated.

Convenience. Saving you the hassle of getting out of your car, opening the gate manually, driving in to park, then closing the gate manually. Particularly beneficial on a rainy day.

We offer sliding, swing, and bifold gates to choose from. The method of opening will be determined by a site survey, and we will advise you on the best option for your home.


Awning are a type of roof that stretches over a place to provide shade and protection from rain and wind. Awning are commonly installed over the windows and entrances of homes in order to maximise the amount of useable space within the homes.