Solar Film


Can you relate to any of these below?

My electricity bills are rising like the price of chickens!

The sun’s glare is scarier than my boss’s!

My office feels like an oven, with me being baked alive!

If “YES” we have a simple solution here!

Our Solar Films can help solve all the problems above, call us to speak with our friendly team who will go all out to make your house a home. Get yourself a free on-site quotation now and we will show you why we call ourselves No 1!

Why choose our solar film?

You also don’t have to fear for the look of your room, as they are made with complementing the homes and offices of our customers in mind. Modern and beautiful, it is truly a gem amongst all other brands. Only the best quality materials go into our films, for your satisfaction is our top priority! Absolutely no sub-contracting in our company, from manufacturing to installing, everything is done in house, to ensure you only get the best out of our service.

Win-win for you: Block out heat and UV rays, on top of added privacy during the day, as with our added reflectiveness on the exterior, no more curious looks at to you and your family or colleagues from the outside. Save time cooling a room with our solar films, as they prevent heat from entering your home, so you can use less air conditioner, which means less electricity usage. 

We also protect your home with it as UV can also cause discolouration in the floor or furniture, and that’s not a pretty sight for you or your guests. Save yourself from the heartache now, and don’t worry about the costs, our solar films are as affordable, as they are top notch, and you can get a free on-site quotation!

10 years of warranty, and we cover bubbling, shrinking, delamination and discolouration. Just drop us a call when these issues start popping up, and we will get right to it. 

Sit back and relax after choosing and paying as our staff are all certified and have at least 8 years of experience. Our salespersons don’t close deals at your expense, and our installers are experts at their jobs.

Still looking for other brands?

Our film has patented scratch resistant properties – Don’t worry about your beloved cat, or child damaging them. UV enhanced PS adhesive, and laminating adhesive for it to be extra tough! With tough, we know you say it will be rough, but NO! Your room will have an enhanced look bound to impress your clients or guests.

Our sun films are designed specially for extreme temperatures in a tropical climate, such as our country. Save your wallet from electricity bills, and the climate at the same time, for they are environmentally friendly!

Choices, choices…

You will be spoilt for choice as we provide varying types to satisfy your wants, from a visible light transmission of 10% to 90%, you will not walk away empty handed. Or if you’re curious about our finished works, feel free to look through our extensive portfolio. Follow us on Facebook for frequent updates, and more examples of our top-notch handiwork.


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